MEAM.Design - MEAM 201 - Bedplate

To build your engine, you're going to need a plate that holds the mounting block (part 01) and crankshaft bearing tube (part 05) a set distance apart from one another. This plate will also serve as the backbone for whatever you decide to do to support your engine on a tabletop. Here's the pertinent geometry for attachment of the mounting block and the bearing tube:

A few notes:

1. The stock material will be 1/4" 6061-T6 Aluminum.
2. We will be having these parts cut via waterjet at Aqua Cut in Devon, PA, followed by post-operations in our shop.
3. To interface with the mounting block, you'll want to use two 6-32 x 0.50"-long flathead screws with an 82-degree head (an upper diameter of 5/16" should work well).
4. The crankshaft bearing tube will need press fit into this piece, so you should be quite particular about the diameter of that hole.
5. The small hole near the 05 (CBT) bore is quite useful for setting the timing of your engine, though it is not explicitly required.
6. You are allowed up to 4 additional interior areas (each closed interior feature requires the waterjet to restart cutting in a new location, which is costly).
7. Make your model as clean as possible. Disjoint contours will fail. Also, the machine cannot create true sharp interior corners, and it is best if you fillet any interior square corners to account for this.
8. Save your file as 201-A03-Pennkey.SLDPRT (where "PennKey" is the part of your email address before the @ sign), and upload the file to this Canvas assignment.