Your boss has asked you to create SolidWorks models for some DC motors. You could create individual models of each but your boss would prefer to have all of the models associated with a single part file. Using both design tables and configurations, create a part file that contains each of the motors as different configurations. Design tables alone may not be sufficient to create the different configurations. You may have to alter the configurations manually as well. The drawings of each motor can be found attached. Please create and properly name the configurations for 3 of the 25D mm Metal gear motors (without encoders), and 3 of the 25D mm Metal gear motors (with encoders). These 6 motors should be saved as a single part with 6 unique configurations.

Just for kicks, later that night you decide to create a model car. Generate two configurations within the car assembly that will accommodate a 25D mm Metal gear motor with an encoder and a 25D mm Metal gear motor without an encoder. We leave the details of the car design to you. Remember you are making a model car (scale it appropriately). If you are feeling ambitious, perhaps put gearing between the motors and the wheel to give your car the extra kick it needs to get of the starting line. Donít forget to create a spot for batteries!