MEAM.Design - IPD 501 - CHECK


Tu J31: Assigned

Th F02: Check PDR

- Be prepared to discuss different design options and challenges in class.
- Compile sketches, brief size estimates, and required materials for the three designs IN A SINGLE .pdf. Email this to with the title 501-CHECK-PDR-PennKeys by 2:00PM.

Tu F07: Check CDR

- Be prepared to discuss the design and manufacturability of your chess set in class.
- Produce a 1400x1050 pixel JPG rendering of your chess set along with a BOM (including McMaster part #'s and total cost) and email to (title both the rendering file and the email as "501-CHECK-DESIGN-CDR-PennKeys") by 2:00PM.
- Submit a pack-and-go ("501-CHECK-CAD-PennKeys"), a complete manufacturing process (in body of email), and your final BOM by 8:00 PM.

We F08: McMaster Order

- TAs will submit one McMaster order for each team's approved BOM to business office at 9AM. There will be a $250 limit per team.

Th F23: Check Due

- Bring your final chess set to class.

Th M02: Check Reflection Due

- Complete the Canvas reflection for Check by the beginning of class, 3:00 PM.

Working in a team of four, use SolidWorks, SolidCAM, the Haas TL-1 and other tools to create a full chess set, including the board.

1. Complete chess set with board.


  • A member of the teaching staff must be present when you first cut your parts on the TL-1. A schedule with the TA's available times can be found on Piazza. Your ENTIRE team must be present for the training.
  • Your parts will be oriented such that the origin sits at the intersection of the machine's Z axis and the face of the chuck, with positive Z pointing towards the tailstock.
  • To allow for post machining (mill, secondary manual lathe ops), you may want to leave a short section at a standard diameter for insertion into a collet.
  • Alternatively, you can pre-machine chess piece blanks and a threaded mandrel to fixture onto the TL-1 to avoid having to flip your part later.
  • The parts can be sent out for anodizing after they are all completed. The anodizing supplier asks that you have a 1/4-20 threaded hole somewhere on each part.
  • See below for materials that will be provided. All others must be requested and ordered by the teaching staff from McMaster preferable.
  • Material budget: $250 /team.


  • The TL-1 will be set up with an 8" chuck with a maximum spindle speed of 1800 RPM.
  • We will pre-set right and left-handed carbide turning/facing tools, a part-off tool, and a drill and tap for threaded holes for anodizing. The tool table (in .TAB and .XLS format) can be found on Piazza.
  • The chuck on the TL-1 will be checked for collisions by creating a fixture in SolidCAM with the following dimensions:
Chuck Dimension Value
Jaw Width 1.75
Jaw Height 3.125
Step Width 0.375
Step Height 1.0
Thickness 1.0625
Number of Jaws 3


  • 1.125" and 1" aluminum rod stock will be in inventory. Please still list on the BOM so that we can make sure we have enough in stock.