MEAM.Design - IPD 501 - VISE STOP

Vise Stop

Tu J16: Assigned

Tu J23: Due

- Bring your completed vise stop to class.
- Make engineering drawings for each custom part that provides all dimensions including GD+T. Make a Bill of Materials (BOM). Email as a single .PDF file to (title both the file and email as "501-VISE-STOP-SUBMISSION") before class by 2:00PM.

Th J25: Canvas Reflection Due

- Complete the Canvas reflection for Vise Stop before by 2:00PM before class.

Fully design and machine a vise stop that is compatible with the vises and mills in the shop.

1. Complete and functional vise stop.
2. Engineering drawings of each custom part. Must be fully dimensioned including GD+T.
3. Complete bill of materials including columns for part, unit cost, quantity, total cost, and source.

Some Guidelines

  • We encourage you to move beyond the standard design found in the shop. Consider functionality and how the standard design could be improved or completely redesigned.
  • The components listed below will be provided for your use.
  • All parts should be manufacturable using the machines at Penn available to you as a 201 student.
  • Work permits must be submitted for all machined parts.
  • If additional tools are needed to operate the vise stop, they should be standard tools found in the shop.
  • Your vise stop will be evaluated based on function, stability, design aesthetics, machining quality, and the overall process/workflow.