MEAM.Design - MEAM 101 - A6: Enclose

“The memory stick, which is heading toward the invisibility that only ubiquity can ensure, still comes in a comical range of completely arbitrary shapes... But it is on its way to becoming the dreamed-of expression of function without form and substance without style.” - Barry Katz


Section Out Due
101 (Tue, 1:30 p.m.) Tuesday, March 30th Tuesday, April 13th
102 (Tue, 3:00 p.m.) Tuesday, March 16th Tuesday, March 30th
103 (Thu, 1:30 p.m.) Thursday, April 1st Thursday, April 15th
104 (Thu, 3:00 p.m.) Thursday, March 18th Thursday, April 1st

Your task is to design a custom enclosure for your flash drive which you will then build using the 3-d printer. To ensure that you will be able to use your drive in a standard USB slot, you should leave at least 1/2" of the connector exposed, but the remainder of the design space is yours to explore. As a starting point, an assembly of the connector and the internal structure of the drive can be found here.

Design Requirements - your enclosure must:

fit within a 2.5-inch cube (if necessary, the USB connector can protrude from this volume)
be built using sparse fill
use less than 1.5 cubic inches of material (model + support)
have no functional features smaller than 0.060"

When you are ready to have your parts printed, you'll need to separately process each file through Catalyst. Remember to:

set the layer resolution to 0.007"
set the fill to sparse
save a separate CMB file for each part
prepend the name of your CMB file(s) with your pennkey
send a separate email for each CMB file to with the subject "A6 CMB n", where n is the number of your submission, starting from 1 and continuing throughout the assignment (e.g. - if you need to print two parts, you should send two emails, with subjects "A6 CMB 1", and "A6 CMB 2", then if you later need to submit another, make it "A6 CMB 3".) To cancel a previous submission, send an empty email with the subject "A6 CMB n CANCEL".

We strongly encourage you to submit your CMB files early in order to meet the project deadline.

To save time on the printer, we will batch your parts together with submissions from other students. When your parts are finished, they will be left in a bin in Towne 205.