MEAM.Design - MEAM 201 - A01: Stirling & SolidWorks

Part 1

Our major course project will focus on the design and fabrication of a hot air engine similar to a Gamma-type Stirling engine. Using whatever sources you can find, prepare a two-page-maximum brief explaining how such an engine operates. You can expect the reader of your brief to have a working knowledge of dynamics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer. You must explain the concepts in your own words, and cite all sources. Submit your brief in hardcopy at the beginning of class.

Part 2

On the MEAM201 homepage you will find the files for our engine project. In the second section there are eight engineering drawings for parts that you will be manufacturing in our machine shop. Your task is to create accurate SolidWorks models of these eight pieces. Once complete, place the eight files in a zipped folder named "201-A01-PennKey" (where "PennKey" is your email address before the @ sign), and upload it to the assignment on Canvas.