MEAM.Design - MEAM 201 - 13: Balance Weight

To counterbalance the mass of the connecting rods, you need to add some offset mass to the Web. Some notes to guide you in the process:

1. The stock for this part is in your kit.
2. You will attach the weight to your web. You may recall that there are two threaded holes in the web for this purpose.
3. The balance weight will be situated between the web and the bedplate. The backside of the balance weight will be very close to the bedplate, leaving essentially zero clearance for fastener heads to protrude above the surface of this part. Also, check your assembly to ensure that your balance weight design will not interfere with the crankshaft bearing tube!
4. The desired CG of the (web + balance weight + fasteners) assembly is 0.125 inches to the right and 0.155 inches below the output shaft hole in the web (when viewed as shown below).
5. To help you set the timing of your engine (and as a potential aid in manufacturing), you will want to place a 0.125-inch diameter hole in the location shown in the image below.