MEAM.Design - MEAM 201 - 14: Output Shaft & Flywheel Subassembly

Attached to the center of the web, the output shaft will protrude through the crankshaft bearing tube to support a flywheel on the far side of the bedplate. Your task is to design and manufacture this complete subassembly. Here are some notes to guide you in this process:

For the shaft:

1. The shaft will be made from 3/16"-diameter precision-ground 303 stainless steel rod.
2. To fit into the center hole on the web, you will need to turn down one end of the shaft. Though you added a small chamfer to the web, you will want to use the sharp-corner tool to reduce the radius at the base of the turned-down section.
3. We recommend using a 4-40 button head cap screw to fasten the shaft and web together.

For the flywheel

1. We will provide you with 3.5"-diameter stock up to a thickness of 3/4".
2. You should shoot for an axial moment of inertia of between 120 and 240 kg-mm2
3. You will need to include a single 1/4" diameter magnet somewhere near the outer rim of the flywheel (this will be used to get accurate speed measurements from your completed engine).
4. Other material will be available if you wish to create a two-piece flywheel (massive wheel + shaft coupler).

You must have an approved machining work permit before you can begin cutting this part.