MEAM.Design - MEAM 201 - A06: Displacer Bushing Tube Mass Production


Having successfully figured out how to produce 10,000 pistons per month for the ACME order, you are now faced with mass producing the displacer bushing tube. To solve this challenge, you've decided to partner up with a friend (who happens to also have a Stirling engine business that needs 10,000 of these per month - what's the likelihood of that!), and you are going to obtain a quote for the lowest possible price per unit for 20,000 DBTs per month. Fortunately, you've already had the insight that you should be able to reduce the part cost by simplifying the geometry, though you know that it is critical that you do not compromise the performance of the engine.


Bring your quote to class, along with a drawing of your final part and any justification or explanation that you feel is necessary.

Note: Each pair need only submit one set of documents.