MEAM.Design - MEAM 410/510 - L5 (Golf)

Pick a partner

This lab is to be done in pairs.


Think stalker, but with a ball instead of a laser. Oh, and now you have a microcontroller. Your golfer will be placed a distance between 40 and 90 centimeters away from the target, which will be shining 940-nm light (from 5 centimeters above the ground) toward the center of your golfer. Your objective is to hit the target with the golf ball.


  • Your golfer must be less than 20-cm in diameter, with one bonus point for each centimeter under.
  • The bottom of the ball must be no more than 0.5 centimeter above the ground at any time.
  • Your golfer must be self contained.



  • You will have four attempts. In each attempt, your golfer will be placed at an unknown orientation and distance from the illuminated target. You will be allowed to press a button or move a switch, after which time your golfer should attempt to hit the target with the ball. A direct hit will count as 50 points. If your golfer misses the target, you will receive (40 - cm_from_target) points.
  • Note that your score will only have a loose bearing on your grade for the project, which will be separately evaluated for the ability to meet the pedagogical objectives.