MEAM.Design - MEAM 410/510 - L6 (Acrobat)

Your Team
To choose who you will be working with, add your names here before 9:00 p.m. on Monday, October 27th. Those not on the list by the deadline will be randomly assigned.

Your Robot

Your robot must be fully self-contained, must only touch the ground through two coaxially-mounted wheels, and have a center of gravity that is at least one-half wheel radius above the wheel axis.

For propulsion, your team can choose to use either Faulhabers (with encoders!) or the Pololu 29:1 25mm motor, for which we have matching 4mm bore hubs and motor brackets.

Available Resources

Each team will be given one mIMU 9-DOF inertial measurement sensor, plus anything else you need from the GM-lab ministore.


You will demonstrate your robot in class on Wednesday, November 5th. We will test balance on flat carpet, balance on a carpeted plate of changing slope, and reaction to moderate externally-applied impulsive forces.