MEAM.Design - MEAM 410/510 - L5 (Acrobot)

Your Team
To choose who you will be working with, add your names here before 9:00 p.m. on Friday, October 21. Those not on the list by the deadline will be randomly assigned.

Your Robot

Your robot must be fully self-contained, must only touch the ground through two coaxially-mounted wheels, and have a center of gravity that is at least one-half wheel radius above the wheel axis.

For propulsion, your team will be provided with a pair of Pololu 56:1 20mm motors, two 4mm bore hubs, and two motor brackets.

To drive those great little motors, you will also be given one Pololu TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver Carrier.

Available Resources

Each team will be given one mIMU 9-DOF inertial measurement sensor, plus anything else you need from the GM-lab ministore.


You will demonstrate your robot in class on Monday, October 31. We will test balance on flat carpet, balance on a carpeted plate of changing slope, and reaction to moderate externally-applied impulsive forces.