MEAM.Design - SAAST - A2: V-I-R

To be completed individually before the start of activities on Tuesday, July 8th, this brief assignment will help you become more comfortable with the core principles of electronic circuits, including voltage, current, and resistance. Keep an electronic copy of your answers to the questions and submit them via this Google Form when you are finished. (concise answers are appreciated).

1 Equivalents

Find the equivalent resistance for each of the following:

a) b)

2 Power

What is the minimum 1/4-Watt resistor that you should place across a 5V supply?

3 Voltage Division

a) What is the output voltage in the circuit shown above if Vin = 5V, R1=1kΩ and R2=470Ω?

b) What would the output voltage be if a 1kΩ resistor was added between Vout and ground?

4 Resistive Torture

Imagine you're working in the lab late at night, and desperately need a 600Ω resistor, but there are no discrete resistors of that size, and someone made off with ALL of the potentiometers. However, you do manage to find a small pile of 4-color-band resistors. There is one of each of the following: yellow-purple-brown-gold, brown-black-red-gold, red-red-red-silver, yellow-purple-red-gold, and brown-black-yellow-silver. Can you find a configuration of any/all of these resistors that will get you within 10Ω of your 600Ω goal? Realizing that no resistor is perfect, what are the maximum and minimum actual resistances for your configuration?