MEAM.Design - SAAST - A6: Wireless

To be completed by Tuesday, July 14th, this exercise should familiarize you with the mRF wireless system and the design of unique circuitry including various sensors.


1.1 - Find a partner.

1.2 - Program your microcontroller to send one single-byte packet to your partner's microcontroller when you press a button.

1.3 - When your microcontroller receives a packet, it should flash the red onboard LED the number of times specified by the value of the packet.

1.4 - Super excited about your work, demonstrate your ability to one of the TAs. To check your code, we will send a packet of length: 1 to address 0x11. This packet will indicate the number of times the red LED should flash.


2.1 - Get your line follower from A4.

2.2 - Design and breadboard a wireless remote control to allow you to drive your line follower. You can use a benchtop power supply.

2.3 - Demonstrate your remote-controlled robot to one of the TAs.


mRF Wireless Notes
mRF Page and Libraries
mBUS Library NOTE: For this assignment you will not need to solder a header onto the m2 as described on the mBUS page. Instead, we will be using the header attached to the mX board behind the m2.
For mac users: If you having issues adding the .o files to your make file, try adding a: $ between the .o file names instead of a comma.

RX Addresses

NameAddress (Hex Value 0xXX)
Shrey A.0A
Sukrit A.0B
Michael B.0C
Andrew B.0D
Andres B.0E
Eric C.0F
Eric Y. C.1A
Tracey C.1B
Yanjun C.1C
Ben C.1D
Deja C.1E
Andrew D.1F
John F.2A
Jamie G.2B
Daniel G.2C
Max G.2D
Noelle G.2E
Emanuele G.2F
Lewis H.3A
Xinran H.3B
Emir I.3C
Duncan K.3D
Tsz Kwan L.3E
William L.3F
Jonah M.4A
Jack R.4B
Bhavik S.4C
Sabrina T.4D
Pranav U.4E
Lucas V.4F
Vighnesh V.5A
Jordan W.5B
Ata Y.5C
Eric Z.5D
Andrew Z.5E
Zachary Z.5F