MEAM.Design - SAAST - ROBOTANK - P4 (Final Competition)


The competition will take place in six matches of four robots each. The first three rounds will be randomly seeded, with each team playing once. The second round matches will be divided into three divisions based upon the number of points earned in the team's first round match:

  • Wall-E Division (9th-12th)
  • Baymax Division (5th-8th)
  • R2-D2 Division (1st-4th)


Start - Your team's robot will be placed at the starting point of one of the four mazes. It must not start moving until instructed to do so.

Maze - A timer will be started, and your robot must then autonomously navigate through the maze. The timer will stop when your robot reaches the exit, or five minutes have elapsed. [ +15 - seconds / 20 ]

Target Lock - Once your robot has exited the maze (or if time expired and you were manually transported to the end of the maze), your robot must then autonomously lock on to the IR beacon in the shooting range. An LED must indicate when your robot believes that it has achieved lock. [ +3 points (when locked) ]

Target Shot - Once locked, you can manually adjust the firing parameters (aiming, power, etc.) and shoot at the target. You may take a maximum of six shots. [ +6 (when hit) - shots taken ]

Ramp - After hitting the target, you must drive your robot up the ramp within one minute. [ +4 points (when complete) ]


Start - After all robots have arrived at the top of the ramps or when time expires, all robots will be placed inside the arena with a full load of ammunition (maximum 6 shells)

Turns - Progressing from the team with the most points from stage 1 in descending order, each team will have 10 seconds to either move, aim & shoot, or repair your robot.

Scoring - Inside the arena you can achieve points by hitting targets [ +3 ] or other robots [ +2 ], but you will not score points for hitting the same target successively.

End - The stage will end when all ammunition is exhausted or all teams have completed ten turns, whichever comes first.


Match 1: Victorious Secret (Team 1), T.U.CH. (Team 4), 50 Shades of Shrey :) (Team 7), Penngineers (Team 10)

Match 2: The Philadelphia Project (Team 2), T-X (Team 5), Illuminati (Team 8), Brobot (Team 11)

Match 3: R.A.M. (Team 3), Death-Machine(Team 6), Team Frank (Team 9), Tanks-giving (Team 12)

Wall-E Teams: The Philadelphia Project, 50 Shades of Shrey :), Penngineers, Death-Machine

Baymax Teams: Team Frank, Brobot, T-X, T.U.CH.

R2-D2 Teams: Illuminati, Victorious Secret, R.A.M., Tanks-giving


R2D2 Winners:

1st Place: Tanks-giving

2nd Place: R.A.M.

3rd Place: Victorious Secret

4th Place: Illuminati

Baymax Winners:

1st Place: Team Frank

2nd Place: T-X

3rd Place: Brobot

4th Place: T.U.CH.

Wall-E Winners:

1st Place: 50 Shades of Shrey :)

2nd Place: Death-Machine

3rd Place: The Philadelphia Project

4th Place: Penngineers