Your ROBOTANK must fit within a 8-inch diameter by 8-inch tall vertical cylinder at all times, and must be fully self-contained.

For a portion of the event, you will be able to remotely control the location of your ROBOTANK using a self-made wireless controller. The controller must include a switch that changes the robot from autonomous to manual control, and may also contain a single analog input and single momentary button for firing control. All other robot action must be autonomous.

Your team may use no more than one MX board.

Your ROBOTANK can carry a maximum of six shells.

You will be allowed to use any of the listed components as well as the stock in the GM lab, 3D printed parts (after review by a TA) or laser cut pieces.

You must submit a Solidworks assembly of your final robot


Your ROBOTANK will be placed at a starting location at the entrance to a short maze with a uniform color floor and reasonably high walls. You will begin by switching your ROBOTANK into autonomous mode, after which is must navigate through the maze and into the arena without controller intervention. Once into the battle arena, you will switch to manual mode.

The arena will contain four beacons (one near each tank's home, and one in the center).

When it is your team's turn, you will have 10 seconds to either move your ROBOTANK, fire a shell, or make a repair.

The arena will likely not be flat. It may contain obstacles. It may contain sections that will disappear when hit by an errant shell. It may contain an ammunition depot. Who knows!

Points will be scored by hitting beacons (some beacons may be worth more points) or other tanks with your firing mechanism.

If hit by another's shell, you will lose 1 point and be returned to your home position.

A match will end when all ROBOTANKS run out of shells or ten minutes have elapsed.


The beacons will emit IR light at 940nm.


Component List



P1 (concept reviews) - Tuesday, July 14th

P2 (beacon lock) - Thursday, July 16th

P3 (firing range) - Friday, July 17th

P4 (driving test) - Tuesday, July 21st

P5 (Final Competition) - 2:00 PM, Thursday, July 23rd

For a bit of Inspiration:


Match 1: Teams 1(Blue), 4(Yellow), 7(Red), 10(Green)

Match 2: Teams 2(Blue), 5(Yellow), 8(Red), 11(Green)

Match 3: Teams 3(Blue), 6(Yellow), 9(Red), 12(Green)

Wall-E Teams: TBD

Baymax Teams: TBD

R2D2 Teams: TBD

R2D2 Winner: TBD

Baymax Winner: TBD

Wall-E Winner: TBD