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Vertical Bandsaw

V01 - Vertical Bandsaw Overview
machine description
blade guide
rip fence
speed adjustment
air system
V02 - Vertical Bandsaw Overview
3 tooth rule
flat stock
round stock

Manual Milling

M01 - Mill Basics
machine overview
a tour of the head
tool insertion
the vise
the table
facing demonstration
tool removal
side-milling demonstration
M02 - Finding Edges
vise stop
123 block
drill chuck
mechanical edge finder
digital readout
M03 - Making Holes I
center drill
twist drill
peck-drilling technique
M04 - Creating Internal Threads
thread-forming tools
hand-tapping technique
M05 - Reaming Holes
switching to low gear
chucking reamers
reaming technique
returning to high gear
M06 - Making Holes II
creating the angular hole

Hybrid CNC Machining on the Prototraks

P01 - Machine Basics
machine overview
jog mode
inserting tools
setting spindle speed
using the DRO
P02 - Conversational Programming
defining part geometry
setting tool data
performing a trial run
running code


L01 - Lathe Basics
machine overview
5C workholding collets
setting spindle speed (3 machines)
carriage, cross-slide, and compound
power feed (3 machines)
tool holders and tool post
adjusting tool angle and height
setting part zeros
deburring edges
L02 - Parting Off
part-off tool basics
tool length, angle, and height
cutting demonstration
L03 - The Tailstock
tailstock overview
loading tools
drilling demonstration
tool removal

Full CNC Machining

"Hank" ... Haas Mini Mill and ProtoTRAK
"Yolanda" ... Haas TL-1
ProtoTRAK in 3 Axis

Metrology - Peter Rockett has put together the following video covering the basics of metrology for the MEAM 147 class


and oh, there's so much more!

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