MEAM.Design - Materials - Polyamide (PA, Nylon)

Instron Testing Video and Data

Tension Testing (mov) - Excel Data

Material Properties

Density 1.15 g/cc
UTS 7.2 kpsi
Hardness - -
Glass Transition 50 C
Melting 255 C
Price point - Per Foot 3/4" rod, SmallParts ZRN-12-24
Recycle -


First used for the bristles on toothbrushes in 38

Women’s stockings in 40

First commercially-successful synthetic polymer


Outstanding resistance to organic chem, acids, alkalies

Low coeff. of friction

Dim. swelling in wet apps (up to 10%)


Insulators, shaft bearings, wear strips, hinges, gears


Easily machined

Some Variants

Nylon 6/6 Molybdenum

  • UTS to 13.6k
  • $2.81 for 6“ (smallparts ZRNY-12-06)
  • Nylon - wear resistance
  • Molybdenum disulfide - antifriction
  • Great bearing/bushing material (don’t want lube, inaccessible)
  • Resists common solvents, hydrocarbons, esters, ketones, alkalies, dilute acids
  • Somewhat water absorptive

Kevlar-filled Nylon

  • UTS to 16k
  • High temp
  • Superior wear resistance, but very low abrasion of other surfaces
  • Improved surface temp, hardness