MEAM.Design - Materials - Polyoxymethylene (POM, Delrin)

Instron Testing Video and Data

Tension Testing (mov) - Excel Data

Material Properties

Density 1.4-1.5 g/cc
UTS 9 kpsi
Hardness - -
Glass Transition 125 C
Melting 175 C
Price point - Per Foot 3/4" rod, SmallParts ZRD-12-24
Recycle -


Marketed as metal substitute

First synthesized by DuPont in 52, available starting in 60

Approved for use in food industry


Dim. stable, tough, high impact strength

Low coeff. of friction

Fair chem. resistance

Can cause allergic reactions (may want to wear gloves/mask)


Gears, pulley, impellers - good replacement for metals

Ski bindings (injection molded)

Paintball gun parts

Guitar picks

High-secuity lock wheels (resistant to X-ray decoding)


Easily machined (similar to free-machining brass)

Not always dimensionally stable

Very difficult to bond - rough up surface first, cyanoacrylate does okay