MEAM.Design - Materials - Polyvinylchloride (PVC)

Instron Testing Video and Data

Tension Testing (mov) - Excel Data

Material Properties

Density 1.39 g/cc
UTS 2.9-3.3 kpsi
Hardness - -
Glass Transition 82 C
Melting 100-260 C
Price point - Per Foot 3/4" rod, SmallParts ZRD-12-24
Recycle 3


Third most common (after PE and PP)

Accidentally discovered in 1835, 1872 - appeared as a white solid in flasks of vinyl chloride that had been left out in the sun!

Debates about EPA listing as a carcinogen: ”PVC: The Poison Plastic“

57% chlorine




Easy to assemble

Relatively brittle

Self-extinguishes when exposed to flames


Pipes, hoses, tubing

Cable Insulation

Clothing - Sheen, Waterproof, Leather-Like