MEAM.Design - Materials - Polycarbonate (PC, Lexan)

Instron Testing Video and Data

Tension Testing (mov) - Excel Data (Corrected Excel Data)

Material Properties

Density 1.21 g/cc
UTS 8-10 kpsi
Hardness M70 Rockwell
Glass transition 150 C
Melting 267 C
Price point $12 Per Foot 3/4" rod, SmallParts ZPR-12-12
Recycle 7


Discovered at GE and Bayer at the same time in 1953, applied for patent in 55 and agreed to licensing even before patent was issued


High Impact Strength

Dimensionally Stable

High Rigidity

More Ductile than Acrylic

Stronger, Wider Temp Range

More expensive than Acrylic

More light transmissive than glass


Bullet-Resistant Glass

CDs / DVDs / Blu-Ray Discs

Drinking Glasses

Plastic MacBook

Apollo Visors

Automotive headlight covers

Hockey-Rink Glass

Riot Shields

Cockpit canopy for F-22

Eye Glass Lenses, usually with anti-scratch coating


Easily worked, moulded, thermoformed

Injection molding more difficult than some other thermoplastics (Non-Newtonian fluid properties)