Getting started with Photoworks.

Photoworks is a rendering tool built in to SolidWorks program. PhotoWorks is used to create photorealistic images of parts and/or assemblies. You can apply different backgrounds to your pictures, different materials to your part(s), change illustration, change cameras, etc.

If the settings are properly adjusted and parts/assemblies professionally done, it is really hard to tell whether the picture is real or computer generated.

How to get started then? -Just by clicking PhotoWorks tab.

The basic features are "Render", "Render Area...", "Render Last...", "Render Selection" and last "Render to File..." which is described in another MEAM.Design Wiki page.

By clicking "Render" Photoworks will render the whole working area of SolidWorks screen. By clicking "Render Area..." you can self define area that you want to render by just "dragging a box" on the screen. By clicking "Render Last..." PhotoWorks will render the area which was used last time ("Render Area..."). By clicking "Render Selection" PhotoWorks will render every part/assembly on the screen that fits into a box.