MEAM.Design - SolidWorks - Section Views

Within either part or assembly mode, you can quickly see a cross-section view by selecting View > Display > Section View or clicking the Section View icon in the View quickbar at the top of the modeling window.

Once you enter the section view mode, you'll see a plane (typically it starts with the Front plane) bisecting your part. You can change the orientation of the plane using the control box - either to one of the base planes (Front, Top, Right), using the X and Y angle settings, or clicking any flat surface on your part/assembly. Once you have the correct orientation, you can either drag the arrows or adjust the distance setting to move the plane to the desired depth. To change the side that will be shown, click the double-arrow button in the control box.

Once you set up the cross section, you can use the Section View icon in the View quickbar as a toggle between the standard and section views.