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If your project requires use of the Precision Machining Laboratory (Towne 169) you must fill out a work permit.

If you are using the Heavy Machines, fill out the Heavy Machining Work Permit.

Check the approval status of your permit here: PML Heavy Work Permit Approval Front End

Heavy machining includes any work done on mills and lathes (manual mill, ProtoTRAK Mill, Haas Mini-Mill, Fadal VMC, manual lathe, Haas TL-1 CNC lathe). Work requiring heavy machines will require proper engineering drawings with a properly formatted title block (see example), followed by approval by shop staff, which is reflected on the PML Heavy Work Permit Approval Front End.

If you are using the Light Machines, fill out the Light Machining Work Permit.

Light machining work permits are automatically approved: PML Light Work Permit Approval Front End

Work requiring light machines only (vertical band saw, drill press, sander) are automatically approved upon submission of a work permit.


Q: If I want to use both light and heavy machines, do I need to fill out both permits?
A: If you plan on using light machines (drill press, band saw, sander, grinder) in conjunction with your heavy machining, a light machining work permit does NOT need to be filled out.

Q: Do I need a light work permit even if I just need to drill one hole?
A: Yes, ALL work done in the PML requires a work permit. You are required to fill out a work permit, even if it is a quick job.

Q: Why do I need to fill out a light work permit if it's automatically approved?
A: Light work permits help us quantify usage of the PML and student needs. If you would like to see the PML expand, do your part by filling out the light work permit.

Q: When will my heavy work permit be approved?
A: Heavy work permits will be approved Monday thru Friday ONLY. Requests submitted after 12PM on Friday will not be approved until Monday.

Q: How do I know when my heavy work permit has been approved?
A: Work permit approval is reflected on the PML Work Permit Approval Front End

Q: Who approves heavy work permits?
A: Peter Szczesniak and Joseph Valdez will approve heavy work permits, and will sign off using their initials on the front end. Student shop workers do NOT approve heavy work permits.

Q: How long does a work permit last?
A: Approved work permits will last up to one month. If your work requires a longer, rolling permit, speak to Peter Szczesniak.

Q: How do I submit my engineering drawing?
A: Engineering drawings for heavy machining work permits must be submitted to, with a properly formatted title block. The form of the subject line should be:

LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, MM/DD/YY, PML Work Permit Engineering Drawing

Failure to comply with these instructions will result in a delay in processing your work request.

Q: Why was my work permit declined?
A: Some reasons for declined work permits are incorrectly formatted/poorly drawn engineering drawings, lack of access to machines, inability to support the work involved (materials or volume). Other reasons will be denoted in the shop staff comments.