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Welcome to the 2012 Robolympics!

Each country present at the 2012 Robolympics must compete in IR-guided Archery and at either one or both of the Track-and-Field events.

IR-guided Archery

How well can your Robolympian shoot a dart from a modified Nerf gun through a 10-centimeter-diameter circular target? Your Robolympian will be placed at one of three unknown distances (somewhere between 50 and 200 centimeters) and angles (between 0 and 10 degrees off center) from the target. Your Robolympian will be given a single mWii blob-detector capable of locating the center of the target via a ring of infrared LEDs. The contest will consist of two shots from three different distances, and shots shall be fired at the push of a momentary button connected to your Robolympian via a single wire. No other interactions between the Robolympian and the coaches (you) will be permitted during the event.

The 400-Centimeter (Curvy) Dash

A 19-millimeter-wide solid black line snakes it's way down a stark white field. The goal is simple: Be the fastest from start to finish. But this line is anything but straight. And your little robot knows that if it leaves the line at any time, it will be disqualified. It has been preparing for this day for, well, its entire (short) life.

As one of the premier events at the Robolympics, the pressure on the robo-athletes is at an all-time high. To ensure a level playing field, the performance-enhancement compliance arm of the RAC (Robolympic Athletic Committee) will be inspecting all participants for compliance with the following rules: a) The robot must not exceed a 15-centimeter diameter circle at any time; b) The robot must not intentionally damage the field in any way; c) The robot must be fully autonomous.

The Longest Jump

How far can your Robolympian jump, given a 50-centimeter running start? The course will consist of a 50-centimeter runway, a series of two black tape lines, and a landing zone. The first line is a warning line at 5 centimeters, the second is the jump line. To avoid disqualification, your robot must completely clear a 2-centimeter zone beyond the jump line before landing.

This note on the mBus pin-out may come in handy: link